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Are you still in college/university, or about to graduate from college/university? A few weeks ago we wrote on what to do before you graduate college/university, and this is an extension of the last week’s post. Confucius said, “at 15 years old I set my heart upon learning, at 30 I know where I stood, at 40 I had no doubt and at 50 I know my life’s purpose”. So, don’t that think your career path and life is figured out the moment you graduate from college, that’s simply not the case. You’re still young and vibrant.

Having graduated in the year 2016, now 4 years in the workforce. I volunteer with many organizations including SoHo Development Foundation. I’ve started my own business and co-founded another and work for the government. I’ve learned a lot, mostly the wrong way (and would prefer you didn’t).

I think one of the biggest misconceptions college graduates have is; they think the minute they graduate their learning stops. That’s simply not true. As it is said “formal education gets a job, self-education gets you a success” Is what you get after college/university that counts (a real-world experience and not a piece of paper).

As you graduate, your learning is just getting started. What you learn in college/university is just the basic or fundamental knowledge. By the time you’re going to the real world, you’re learning a new lot of skills. So whatever you know actually doesn’t count much. What is critical is developing the ability to learn, absorb, and read more. So don’t think by the time you’re done college/university, you’re not done, you are just getting started.

This is the time you are going to read those books, take courses (online, offline, free and paid) and get some on the job skills. Take a look at some important 21st-century skills and choose which interest you and start learning.

Be humble. Be willing to learn from people you think you know better or you can outwork. Find mentors in your early years, who can teach you how life actually works, values of honesty, discipline, and delayed gratification.

Work with, work for, become an apprentice of, learn from someone you admire and respect because at that time if you pay attention and observe will set the foundation for you for many years to come.

Try a bunch of different things, figure out things you don’t like by figuring subjects you’re not good at. Work for different companies and different people. By doing this you are going to find out the job, career, and industry that interests you, and when you do this go deep and master that thing and become world-class and outstanding.

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