Understanding the Basics of Programming

The concept of every programming language lies in the ability to be able to understand its basics. Understanding why the language in itself was created in the first place, its current place in the market and its future prospects are some of the fundamental parts of a language every programmer should know.

I got into a discussion with my colleagues at the office about how best to understand a language and the only solution we could get was to understand the basics. The basics of any language is what would make you or break you in the language. Being able to use some features of a language does not make you proficient if you do not understand the basics behind those features.

The basics of any programming language is about how to create any other feature from the most basic features of the language. To be able to understand any abstraction made in the language rather than just using features without having a full grasp of the basics.

As a developer, it would really go a long way if before you delve into any language, you create time to understand the fundamentals of the language rather than just using its features and hoping to learn from there. This would be a good approach if the language is just for something urgent but if you want to become an expert in such language, using its features and hoping to understand along the way would not do you real good.

So whatever language it is you are currently working with, Never Forget to Always Understand its Basics.

Thank you for reading.

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