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Most of us feel overwhelmed by technology today, or would like to use it more, but don’t know how or where to start. Lumilab has a practical and skills-based courses aimed at those who would like to further develop their ICT (Information and Communication Technology) & Business skills.

Our Trainings are fetched from below areas:

Our Technology Trainings includes:

Computer Appreciation and Desktop Publishing (Microsoft Packages)–Basic To Advanced

Website Design, Desktop and Mobile App development Software Engineering Training

Graphics Design, Video Editing, 2D & 3D Modeling & Animation, Adobe Packages

Digital Marketing Training from Basic to Advanced-Lets make you a digital marketing consultant

Data Analytics, Accounting Software, Project Management and Microsoft Project Training

Our Business Trainings includes:

Leadership and Management Development: In order to advance, employees need to acquire and hone a set of leadership skills. That’s where leadership and management development comes in.

Customer and Client Communications: Because how a business treats customers says so much about its culture, reputation and operations. If a marketer doesn’t know what customers truly want, how can they craft a targeted web campaign?

Workplace Ethics and Anti-Harassment: Remember your first day on the job? It can be overwhelming. One minute, someone is handing you a packet full of rules, regulations and guidelines. The next, you’re being swept away for inter-departmental introductions. Chances are, it will be awhile before you’re able to read and digest every word of an employee handbook. That’s why it’s so important to follow up hiring with our comprehensive anti-harassment training.

General Safety and Emergency Procedures: A fire breaking out is not the time to discover your company forgot safety and emergency training. Taking the time to cover a broad overview of safety and security can actually save lives.

Cybersecurity Protocols.

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