Reviewed By Mr. Abdulhakim Dayyabu (CEO AHD Clothing Emporium)

The book has 93 pages with 19 parts starting from the introduction down to footnotes. It is written in form of non-fictional prose because of the realistic and practicable guides it reveals on how a successful Twitter account can be operated for both personal and professional purposes.

The author made it clear in the introductory part that the book serves as the second most important guide for Twitter users after the first set of guides on the Twitter app which directs them to just choose a username, upload a profile picture; amongst other instructions. Therefore, the book offers guidance on the kind of username to choose, the profile picture to upload, and others, not only directing to do but guiding on how to do.

In view of the above, the following are some tips, which when followed, could lead to setting up a successful Twitter account. They are; set up a good profile picture by preferably using a personal picture and not mostly a brand logo. Include a link to your website. Create a good bio (biography). Form a short, easily-recalled, and meaningful handle (username). Post useful and engaging tweets … Follow, like, and retweet your targets’ tweets. Use the #FF – Follow Friday. Know about the quality and quantity of followers amongst others (refer to the book for more details).

Having successfully set up your account, the book puts much emphasis on three things which the author termed as the ‘Tao’. He explained ‘Tao’ as defined by Wikipedia as a path, route, or way. The first Tao is making positive connections. The second is creating good content. And the third is offering authentic helpfulness. The upper-mentioned are greatly emphasized by the author. This is so because they reflect the main title of the book; ‘The Tao Twitter’.

How are good connections made on Twitter? Good connections can be made when you, as a Twitter user, follow your target, like their tweets, retweet their tweets, say ‘hello’ in PM/DM, exchange contacts, make some phone calls, follow and comment on their blog and meet offline.

And on the side of creating good content, you should pick a good profile picture, create a good bio, make tweets time-to-time – at least once daily, construct plain and understandable captions and attach them with all pictures you are tweeting and avoid posting pictures without caption.

In terms of offering authentic helpfulness, you should retweet other twitterers’ tweets, like relevant tweets, make referrals on Twitter using @mention, meet offline, collaborate,  partner,  volunteer, mentor,  guide, and counsel.

Mark W.  Schaefer ended his book; “The Two of Twitter” as written below

“I want to end this book the same way I end all of my social media marketing classes — with a quote from an unknown university student who left this comment on my blog:”“Social media marketing is not something that can be taught — it has to be experienced and this is why schools have a hard time teaching classes about it. Students who take advantage of social media will have a leg up on those who do not. Formal education and books can show you the tools… but it is up to you to learn how to apply them for you and your business”.

Finally, it is recommended that Twitter users both long-time and new should put into practice the tips revealed in this book in order to see the positive results they will yield.

Share the new ideas and insights you acquired from the book in the comment section below.


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