Yazid Lawal Ahmed


There are several landmarks that indicate adulthood: 18th birthday, 21st birthday, college graduation, a job, etc. Research shows that the brain is much developed in its late 20s than in the past years. As a man approaching 30, there are certain habits that are essential for you to develop:

1. Be a man of your word: A unanimous writer once said “the most attractive thing a man can do is exactly what he say he will do”. Although, due to circumstances and human limitations we may not keep to every promise we make. However, breaking promises should not repetitive action in your life. When you make promises and do not keep them, you cause others to lose trust in you. Regardless of the length of time, hold your word as a bond that will never be forgotten until it is fulfilled. While it is good to be kind to others, do not be carried away that you make promises you cannot keep. It hurts more when you do not keep to your obligations than when you don’t make them at all. Learn to say ‘no’ in a plausible manner, and try not to forget the number of times you say “yes” to people’s requests.

Complete conduct for a young man is ‘never reply when you’re angry, never make a promise when you’re happy and never make a decision when you’re sad’.

2. Be responsible for your life: Taking responsibility for a mistake is one attitude that is lacking in our world today. When an error is made, people look for ways to shove it off their heads to the next person or situation. Many people are stagnant in their lives because they still blame their parents or society for not giving them a better experience. Because of their egocentric nature, young people don’t like to be reminded of their flaws. Although they know we all have our weaknesses, yet the only way to diminish our weaknesses is by accepting them for what they are. To conquer our achieved victory in the future, you must be willing to accept the position life placed you, while striving to pull yourself out. Being a real man requires constant improvement of the self, which will not occur without accepting weaknesses and life will be much easier if the self-improvement starts from before 30.

Yazid Lawal Ahmed

3. Health morning rituals: What is the first thing you do when you get off the bed? Oh wait.. the question should be ‘when do you get out of bed?’ So, what’s your first task? Do you get off bed so late that you jump into the bathroom to have a quick bath, so you don’t go late to school or work? If that’s your lifestyle you need to stop and develop a new habit. As a young man who has plans to be successful in the future, you need to develop a proper waking process. First, you need to realize you are approaching 30 and can no longer in bed till midmorning. Research has shown that most millionaires wake up as early as 5 am. You must also understand that the things you do in the morning, determine the outcome of your day. Your morning is a reliable indicator of how your day will go. You cannot just get off the bed and start working, you must develop a morning routine. Before you clock 30, you must build a good morning routine. Spend time in the morning to plan, and visualize how your day will look, by doing that you are preparing your subconscious mind.

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