The Readers’ Hub is an intellectual hangout and reading club. The club has the following objectives:

  • To rekindle reading culture among the teaming population comprising children, youths and the elderly in Nigeria and globally to promote literacy.
  • To bring up a circle where members come up with solutions on communal problems.
  • To read beyond the school curriculum.
  • To promote literacy among children and youths to alleviate poverty and increase capacity development.
  • To promote youths reading culture through monthly book discussion.
  • To advocate and organise reach outs to schools and communities for improve reading culture and career guidance.
  • To organise tours and travels for club members.
  • To improve human development through value for life programmes of activities, campaigns trainings and enlightenments.

The Readers’ Hub meets every Thursday at 4:30 PM at Lumilab; and has the following activities:

Monthly Book Discussion: This is a month-ending activity where members gets to discuss, share ideas and insights about the book read within the month. We sometimes invite experts to discuss the theme of the book and give each member to share his/her view.

Brainstorming Session: This is a session where experts are invited to share with the members of the club on a particular subject or a problem that needs expert solution, the members deliberate and strive the effect on the solutions recommended for a better self and community.

Gaming Session: This is an intellectual gaming session where members play variety of brain-cracking games for fresh thoughts and ideas, and also develop their intellectual capacity. We play financial and business strategy games, chess, scrabble, lingo bingo, CV builder and lots more.

Movie and Documentary Show: This is a session where members gets to connect present and past and predict and prepare for the future through documentary and movie shows.

Writing and Presentation Session: This session strives to improve members’ collaboration, public speaking, presentation, research and writing skills. It is usually in form of an add on the gaming and movie sessions where 1 or more members research, writes and presents on a particular subject area and the other members of the club evaluate their performance for improved productivity.