Microsoft Kaizala: App for Communications & Work Management

Today, the modern workforce is spending less time shackled to their desk. The demand for mobility and agility across employees worldwide, combined with a need to support first-line and field workers has led to a growth in applications intended to help coordinate and empower dispersed employees.

Microsoft Kaizala is a new mobile application from Microsoft that helps companies to communicate with large groups of people, and coordinate workflows, no matter where your team members may be. Kaizala users can assign jobs to their field employees, conduct surveys, share attachments and more, all within an easy-to-use application.

Here’s what you need to know about the Kaizala app.

Features of Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala is a simple and accessible mobile application which supports companies in setting up large hierarchical groups of employees. Combined with the Kaizala management portal, a web-based application that offers advanced workforce management features, the Kaizala app gives modern organisations more control over their distributed workforce, through features like:

  • Workflow management
  • Message broadcasts
  • Surveys and polls
  • Integrations with third-party applications
  • Extensibility through REST APIs
  • Job and task assignments
  • Reports for visualising productivity trends and performance
  • Power BI-based dashboard
  • Controlled access and security features
  • Quick onboarding and group management

Benefits of Microsoft Kaizala

The Microsoft Kaizala application was specifically designed to support efficiency in distributed companies and those in need of cohesive large-group communications. Users on Microsoft Kaizala can connect with their first line workers, remote employees and more, wherever they are using a simple chat interface. You can collect data from individuals or large groups, view information about people outside of your organisation, and gather essential insights from automated reports. Benefits of the Microsoft Kaizala app include:

  • Easier workplace coordination: In a workplace full of remote and on-the-go employees, Kaizala makes it easier to manage your workplace. Coordinate everyday tasks with built-in actions that allow you to assign jobs, schedule meetings, and track performance. You can also build custom “Actions” based on your individual business needs with the Open API system
  • Connect with everyone easily: Microsoft Kaizala makes it easier to communicate with large groups of workers inside and outside of your organisation. You can share photos, videos, text, documents and more with just a couple of taps, and get feedback from your employees and partners with surveys and polls. Additionally, setting up your users is easy – all you need is their phone number!
  • Make data-driven decisions: With analytics built into its core, Microsoft Kaizala helps companies to make more informed decisions about the future of their business. You can get automated reports delivered straight to your business leaders, which support you to analyse the performance of your teams
  • Access Control and security: The advanced Kaizala Management portal ensures that you have complete control over your actions and data. Your admins can control group memberships, remove users from groups in an instant, and even remotely wipe data from external devices

Finishing Thoughts

Microsoft Kaizala is a fantastic application for businesses that need to track, support and empower their field and remote workers. If you’re looking for a mobile system to track employees and performance, then this could be it.

Q: How Does Microsoft Kaizala Support User Privacy?

A: Microsoft Kaizala stores customer data in compliant and secure Azure data centres around the world.

Q: How Can I build New Kaizala Actions?

A: Microsoft Kaizala’s Open API feature is only available to pro users (paid customers). You can build custom actions using the open APIs to suit your current systems and workflow.

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