Lumilab Kids In Tech Training

In this trying times, helping your kids acquire knowledge, skills and working on them is the most profitable thing you could do.

Give them the golden chance to build up their creativity…

Help them thrive and flourish in the ever evolving Digital Age, equip them with the asset of Technology…

Help them grow in the future, by enrolling them today in the Lumilab Kids in Tech Bootcamp to learn the art of tomorrow and how to make it count…

Lumilab Kids in Tech features Kids introduced to the world of Technology in ways best appreciated by each of them. Our Trainers are equipped with the experience spanning across various Kids Training and other Encounters.

We entertain absolute beginners into the program, as well as those kids who are already equipped with the Basic Computing Skill.

For the absolute beginners, we will cover:

  • Introductory Computing Exposure
  • Data Processing
  • Use of the Internet
  • Bonus: Digital Well-being

Kids Coding Classes will feature:

  • Problem Solving for Kids
  • Fundamental Coding Skill
  • Capstone Project
  • Bonus: One-Month Free Internship


What are you waiting for? Build that Future you see in Your Kids!

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