LUMILAB Fellowship 2019

LUMILAB Fellowship 2019

Do you want to apply your programming skills to make a difference in the world? LUMILAB is excited to announce a summer fellowship program for recent graduates and rising college juniors and seniors. The fellowship will provide practical training in android and web development as well as a unique exposure to a range of applications and organisations using technology to tackle a variety of local and global challenges.

As a fellow you will spend four months designing and implementing a web or android application development project related to education, technology, and social good. LUMILAB staff will provide training, mentorship, and a series of events to support you in this process.

The fellowship also includes:

  • Training in Javascript, React, Flux, PHP, database management, and more.
  • Training in Flutter, Java and XML.
  • One-on-one mentorship with LUMILAB staff.
  • Field trips to organisations working in technology and social change
  • An event series on a range of topics related to technology and social change

Who we think will be a great fit:

  • You’re someone who could spend your summer working at a top tech company, but making a difference in the world is more important to you. You have a solid foundation in web development or object-oriented programming, but you’re looking to expand your skills and understand how they might be applied to projects that address disease, hunger, unemployment, poverty, natural disasters, and other pressing issues. You love to learn new things and challenge yourself. You wake up every day excited to be part of a creative, collaborative community that is building something meaningful. And you want to have a little fun along the way.

Visit LUMILAB Building located at Opposite New Life Bakery, Before Barhim Roundabout, Katsina to apply.


  • Yazid Lawal Ahmed
  • Yazid Lawal Ahmed
    • Yazid Lawal Ahmed
    • Muhammad Khalil

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