We are but a collection of inputs. What you constantly fill your ears and eyes with will inevitably occupy your heart and soul. What you constantly allow to consume your thoughts will inevitably become your frame of mind.

According to the Sheikh “the focus of the ummah currently lies in acquiring material wealth as the major sign of success and happiness”. Although acquiring material wealth is important, the following play a critical role in the attainment of success and happiness in this world and hereafter:

a) Servant leadership: If you give leadership, you’ll get good respect. Servant leaders either political, traditional, or community leaders commands goodwill, love, and respect in the heart of their followers. They serve as role models to their people. They do not loot, steal, or tell lies to their people. They are trustworthy, hardworking, and honest. They strive to bring meaningful change and prosperity to their people. They struggle to do the right thing and helping uplift society towards progress for the sake of Allah.
We are all leaders in our own right; at home, school, place of work, and worship or anywhere. Doing the right thing and helping uplift society is the true meaning of leadership.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Each one of us is a leader and each of us will be asked what was entrusted to us”.

b) Knowledge Seeking: Even worship is not possible without knowledge. Therefore some of us have to give their time to become educators so that society will know what is right and what is wrong.

The Sheikh defined knowledge as “a foundation for the competence and successful performance of a person. It consists of facts, concepts, as well as the understanding and application of information” Knowledge of the facts and concepts, form the foundation for the ability to apply skills to perform a specific task.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best of people is he who seeks knowledge and imparts it”. Knowledge seeking starts at home at an early age. Build libraries at home to encourage children to read at home.

The general public should be enlightened more on the importance of knowledge which is acquired through education, experience, and training. He also stressed the need for The Readers’ Hub team to put more emphasis on youths to seek knowledge for understanding and application’s sake and not just acquire certification. He also called for more private sector investment in education in Katsina with sincere government regulation.

c) Community Service: Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best among people is that one who benefits the people”. Community members should join hands to provide solutions for the various problems affecting society.

Persistence or remaining firm, in the face of difficulty, is the secret to overcoming problems and becoming victorious. It is by means of this rescue ship that man can traverse the ocean of straightened circumstances and difficulty and arrive at the harbor of his goals.
It is impossible to arrive at a sacred goal without patience, persistence, and tolerance.

The session was graced by Alh. Labiru Musa Kafur, Dr. Magaji Aliyu Dansarai, and other distinguished personalities. They all wished the gathering well and pray for its success to salvage Katsina Youths and Nigeria.

Watch the full session here.

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