Key Take-Aways from The Readers’ Hub Brainstorming Session on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence With Major (Prof) AS Imam

Key Points:

  • Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines
  • The goals of Artificial Intelligence include learning, reasoning, and perception
  • Artificial Intelligence is being used across including health care, finance, and agriculture
  • Weak Artificial Intelligence tends to be simple and single-task oriented, while strong Artificial Intelligence carries on tasks that complex and human-like.

Self-discovery is the key to success. I discovered myself early enough in life, and with that discovery, I believe I can do anything I desire and perceive.

Major A.S Imam

In general, we all have inherent potentials in us: God the Almighty has given us a certain endowment that’s left for us to discover ourselves.

The fear that machines will take human jobs is not valid as human potentials and abilities are immense. Humans are not created to do the current basic jobs like driving, selling pure water that ordinary machines can do. We are created to do extraordinary things if only we can think critically.

The opportunities in Artificial Intelligence have increased by over 200% from 2015 to date and in 10 years to come 60% of jobs will be for Artificial Intelligence irrespective of the industry. In essence, whatever your field or industry, try to explore areas Artificial Intelligence link with your specialty. Otherwise, you’ll be irrelevant in the job market.

The focus of the 21st century is skills. Major Imam is working to establish an innovation and entrepreneurship center with a focus to equip youths with skills to develop home-grown solutions for our numerous problems. This will in turn create wealth and opportunities.

On the benefits of reading, Imam acknowledged that “If you don’t read, you can never be successful”

Watch the full session:

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