Idea Incubation: Accelerate your way to success

Why to incubate your idea with Lumilab?

Many times, you have an excellent business idea. You may even start working on it and create a prototype, but you run into some problem and then you just give up on it all together. Or at times, it’s possible that you lose interest. Then probably few years down the line, you may come across a successful business that was just what you had thought about.

How you wish then that had you pursued your idea a little longer, it could have been you. Well, that’s just what Lumilab incubation program will help you do – focus and hone your idea into a successful startup. If we see that your idea has potential, then we will offer you work space, technical support.

We will connect you with a mentor and also help you raise funds by connecting you with VCs, angel investors, private investors etc.

Once you find space in our program, then you can focus on fine-tuning and developing your idea, as you discuss and get insights from other teams as well as mentors. And if you stumble along the way, then rest assured that you will have a lot of helping hands. We will also offer you help with things like business model, marketing, IP issues etc.

However, in return for all the support and mentoring that they offer, we will claim an equity stake in your business.

The program is specially designed to transform companies from mere ideas to actual products and services.


The Lumilab Incubation Program provides training that helps the companies to validate and justify their core idea and hypothesis and which help them in further building their services and products.

The startups are provided with professional mentorship that aids in the growth of business and helps the entrepreneurs to succeed faster.

Some selected startups might also receive funding to aid their idea to move forward and to support the act of fundraising in the future.

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