12 tips to boost your company with WhatsApp Business

Have you seen that a lot of companies have implemented a mobile number to answer the calls and messages that the customers want to do recently?

It does not matter if it is a local company, professional services, medical institutions or even the government, WhatsApp Business has become to be a tool so important and efficient for a company especially if it is a startup because it allows you to communicate directly and immediately with your customers.

Just like the app, that you can use it socially, WhatsApp Business has the same particularities to talk and interact, with other characteristics which you can get many benefits.

Know about the alternatives that WhatsApp Business offers to your company.

Here I will let you some ideas or strategies that you can apply to maximize the reaching of your company, business or startup with WhatsApp Business in a casual and simple way.

  1. Download

The first step is to download the app in Google Play (It is not available to iOS). Then you can use the same number that you have had but you will no longer be “Mallan Abba”; you will have a company profile, so we recommend you to put its name. There you can provide a description of your company, address, e-mail, web page and other dates that do you think is convenient.

  1. Contact list

Use your contact list as a first phone database to send and share information about your company with your friends and family. After, you can ask the telephone number of your clients and consult them that if they want to receive information about your product or service.

  1. Humanize

Talk and answer the questions that customers do as a common person, real, not as a machine or a group. They have to feel that they are talking to a person. Treat them with familiarity, but without losing the respect.

  1. Control and careful

You have to be so careful to not become a spam. Do not abuse sending messages at any time or day. We recommend you that send two or three messages to week and take advantage of the actualization of states to post your information; in this way, you will not invade the chat tray of your clients.

  1. Schedule

Just like your company has a schedule to work and to attend to the clients, in WhatsApp Business you can establish a schedule to respond to the doubts of your clients and to send messages. Do not do this outside of office hours because can bother them. In addition, this accustoms them to fact that there is a schedule for attention; even when you are working 24 hours a day.

Prepare the content that you are going to send by WhatsApp Business, same as you do it for social media.

  1. Content

Prepare the content that you are going to send by WhatsApp Business, same as you do it for social media. Create tips and advice, help your contacts and always let them with curiosity. In this channel, you have a plus: you can design and share all the multimedia content that you want, like photography, predefined images, GIF, video… also, you can send PDF files, for example, a budget or results of blood tests.

  1. Good language

The good language is paramount in this communication channel. The person that goes to manage the WhatsApp Business has to know the rules of the language, write excellently and abide by the rules of spelling and writing because he/she will become the voice of your company.

WhatsApp Business let you solve fast the customer’s need.

  1. Instant message

WhatsApp Business has the option for you send an instant message when you can not attend to your client’s request immediately. Also, you can program welcome messages to present your company to the customers. But we recommend you not to abuse this tool, because the client may have the impression that is talking with a robot.

  1. WhatsApp Web

Exploit the WhatsApp Web on your computer to send and receive the message from your clients. It is much easy, flexible and fast to manage the request that they ask you.

  1. Statistics

The great benefit of WhatsApp Business, besides everything we have told you, is that you can know the number of messages read, received and answered, in order to know the interaction level that you are having with your clients and then, create or design marketing strategies to boost your business.

  1. Save money

Previously, you had to hire professional services to send thousands of messages or do email marketing to make your company known. With WhatsApp Business, you do not have to pay anything because it is free.

  1. Solve fast

The most important thing in all this is that you must quickly solve the need of the customer because is there something that defines this application is the instability, so you must attend and respond to the client as quickly as possible. This application had more than 3 million users by January of this year, a lot less than the application WhatsApp that has reached 1.500 million persons. This means that there are few who are taking advantages of this service that gives you innumerable options and benefits to enhance your business.

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